ZET Digital Masterclass

Digital & hybrid technologies.
ZET Digital Masterclass


We give orientation in the digital jungle!

In 2020 nearly everyone experienced digital events.

Large numbers of technologies, platforms and features are available – yet, which solution matches my individual goals and budget best?

Digital & hybrid technologies

WebEx, BigBlueBotton, Meetyou or one of the many individual platforms? – which is the most suitable technical platform for my communication?

How many workshops with how many participants each are reasonable – and manageable, too?

Do I need a green screen or even a LED wall? Or nothing whatsoever?

Which features trully result in interaction and which are only gimmicks?

What visual design options are provided by each technology?

What do I get for EUR 5,000 and for EUR 100,000?



ZET will provide answers and orientation starting January 2021.

We provide our current and prospective clients with the option to directly get to know chances and limits of platforms and features in digital master classes.

Interested? We look forward to your message to masterclass@zet-project.de