Digital Events

We‘ll show off what you can do – virtually as well

Why digital

Sometimes digital events are simply better suited than face-to-face formats to reach your objective – whether to reduce travel expenses or implement an event at very short notice. And sometimes it just isn’t possible for many people to come together in one place.

With the multitude of digital possibilities and providers, it’s very easy to lose track. What is the best tool to achieve your specific goals? What needs to be considered legally? How do you create real interaction and networking in virtual space, and how can a storytelling process work as effectively as with a face-to-face format?

And what exactly

As an agency, we have already addressed these questions in the context of many different assignments and we would be happy to support you in your projects:

  • Planning a virtual trade fair,
  • Creating a streaming event that is more exciting than any TV show,
  • Introducing a training event in the virtual space,
  • Planning a management conference digitally.

We not only provide you with conceptual and storytelling advice, we also have the right technical service providers on hand to achieve your goals and inspire your participants as if they were live on location!