Enthusiasm for change

ZET change day

Within just one day, we can ensure that enthusiasm for the change process will be greater than the fear of change! The ZET change day is a one-day event format, allowing participants to actively follow and vividly experience the different phases of a change process one after another.

1. Awareness: Sharpening the view for change

Moderated by an experienced change expert, participants will be brought closer to the topic of change in a way that is compelling and persuasive. Their current attitudes to the topic will be identified and the necessity for change will be demonstrated.

2. Desire: Enthusiasm for change

The participants get active by themselves and will experience through several experiential stations, what change means with all their senses and what benefits agility, collaboration, knowledge, fast decision-making, or clever performance management can bring to the process.

3. Knowledge: Understanding and skills to implement change processes

Our change coaches and trainers convey knowledge about tangible first steps and individual measures to grow the trust in the feasibility of the organizational and personal change.

4. Ability: Putting knowledge into action

A clear participant commitment to implement the identified change measures to their daily work, will be promoted.

5. Reinforcement: Making sure the change is sustained

Continuous reinforcement is important to sustainably implement change. On request, individual follow-up measures and incentives will be developed together, which will build on the ZET change day and keep the enthusiasm alive over the long term.

You receive further information regarding the ZET change day within the download PDF. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to clarify our approach in detail and provide you with a detailed proposal and cost estimate:

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