Worker Qualification

Worker Training

Our assignment

1400 new employees were hired for the production of Porsche’s first electric vehicle. But how do you reconcile the seemingly contradictory relationship between a performance brand and electromobility? While equipping the new workers to best perform their jobs with the new Taycan?

Our idea

A 4-day interactive training program, which not only covered the Porsche legend but also the entire New Mobility ecosystem. With topics ranging from questions about current megatrends that are driving developments in the field of mobility, to explaining why an electric Porsche is not a contradiction to the brand – but rather a logical consequence – to how electric engines and batteries work.

Our job

1400 people experienced state-of-the-art training over 4 days of 8 hours each in more than 90 waves: Escape rooms in which the competitors’ strategies could be experienced, exciting exhibits on the history of the Porsche brand and racing simulations that wet the participants’ appetite for more. We not only succeeded in getting the participants excited about their new task, but also turned sceptics into committed electro-enthusiasts.