New Mobility
Mission Enthusiasm

Our assignment

Hands-on e-mobility is e-mobility without reservations, beyond superficial knowledge. The awareness training that we began with the GENIUS Award deserves to be pursued further in order to bring people even closer to New Mobility – until it moves them.

Our idea

Our New Mobility Festival knows no boundaries. Everything can be touched, tried out, and experienced. As a roadshow touring the city centers of Germany’s metropolises, it celebrates electricity – together with the entire ecosystem and new business models around it – as today’s state-of-the-art drive system. A chance to experience the future up close, with a conscious decision to bestow a festival atmosphere on the event.

New Mobility |Mission Enthusiasm: E-Experience. Sketch of a possible E-Mobility exhibition in a city center.

Our job

The future has long been here, but for many it is still too far away. With two of our own experience formats, we are making the most exciting change in mobility since the invention of the combustion engine accessible to everyone. In this way, we are creating meeting places for businesses, communicators, and people who want to know exactly how e-mobility works, what it costs, and where the power is coming from. However, one thing is already clear: it is the future.