Lots of space, little time

IAA Commercial Vehicles

IAA Nutzfahrzeuge | 'Together.Connected.'  The guests sit at tables and enjoy the light show.

Our assignment

To transform an area of around 215,000 square feet into a powerful exhibition booth is one thing. To transform this purpose-built booth every day into an arena for emotion-driven evening events hosting over 600 guests another. Especially when the time schedule gives you less than two hours in which to do so.

IAA Nutzfahrzeuge | 'Together.Connected.' The guests sit at tables and look at the big semicircular LED panel display.
IAA Nutzfahrzeuge | 'Together.Connected.' The board is on stage and welcomes the guests.

IAA Nutzfahrzeuge | 'Together.Connected.' Trucks, vans and buses are on display at the stand.

Our idea

Only a special combination of creativity and cleverness would satisfy these challenging demands. On the one hand, various evening events with stagings were to be implemented on both a technical and emotional level. On the other hand, smart logistics were required that ensured the ability to build a highly complex setting in record time.

Our job

With the slogan "Together.Connected.", we drew the guests into the magic of their hosts with two extraordinary highlights. An innovative, semicircular LED panel display that arched across the entire booth and above the heads of the guests allowed us to present the key topic of “connectivity” in a totally unique way. It allowed us to illustrate the importance of networks and being connected in a highly impressive way. An elaborate furniture and logistics concept enabled us to rapidly adapt the exhibition booth at four events with totally different target groups and requirements.

IAA Nutzfahrzeuge | 'Together.Connected.' The importance of networks is symbolized by lights above the heads of guests.
IAA Nutzfahrzeuge | 'Together.Connected.' The catering staff sets the tables for the dinner.
IAA Nutzfahrzeuge | 'Together.Connected.' More than 600 guests at the evening event.