Change with a storyline

Mercedes-Benz Production Planning
Change Communication

Mercedes-Benz Production Planning | Change Communication. The employees perform a song together with a band.

Our assignment

With its group-wide initiative entitled “Leadership 2020,” Daimler AG aims to bring about a fundamental change in the way its employees think and act. The only thing missing was the green light that showed 450 managers in global production planning how important change is for the company’s success.

Mercedes-Benz Production Planning | Change Communication. A wall of obstacles is built up across the location and is torn down by the employees.
Mercedes-Benz Produktionsplanung | Change Kommunikation. The participants give direct feedback and contribute solutions.

Mercedes-Benz Production Planning | Change Communication. On a richly varied course, agile solutions are worked on with Lego.

Our idea

One concept, two stages. Through a one-day, completely new event format, the necessity of change was not only to be discussed, but also translated into enthusiasm in a playful way. Specifically developed experience stations were designed to take away the fear of change and instead trigger courage and a sense of optimism.

In a second step, Daimler’s innovative and exciting production planning regime was presented using the format of an in-house trade fair. Employees could see for themselves the dynamics, progress, and initial implementations of “Leadership 2020” on various exhibition booths on the factory premises.

Our job

We staged the power of change in the special architecture of a power plant. In addition to information on the topic, the key aims of the event were experiencing change as well as both courage and trust necessary for it. Characteristics such as agility, innovative strength, and entrepreneurial spirit were brought to life on a richly varied course.

At the three-day, in-house exhibition entitled “Production Planning Innovation Days,” more than 3,500 visitors experienced the innovative power of production planning on a total of 30 stands. The projects and initiatives presented are proof and “best cases” of how much innovation and implementation power Leadership 2020 has brought to the road in the shortest possible time.

Mercedes-Benz Production Planning | Change Communication. Participants in a specially developed station on the subject of agility.
Mercedes-Benz Production Planning | Change Communication. A Participant at an interactive trade fair stand.
Mercedes-Benz Production Planning | Change Communication. A participant jumps off a climbing tower, roped up and blindfolded.