Race for the most loyal customers

AMG Driving Academy

Our assignment

To go all out. Again and again. For 10 years. That is the assignment of the AMG Driving Academy. And ours is to continually develop the quality and quantity of this brand experience platform and to take the fans’ fascination with AMG to new heights.

Our idea

To grow. Why not exploit the full potential of the AMG Driving Academy and develop a whole circuit of experiences from a single event? With a comprehensive customer journey and several points of contact that make the spirit of the brand, of this brand, an intense experience for as many of its admirers as possible.

Our job

From almost the very beginning, we have been one of the driving forces that have played a decisive role in growing “the World’s Fastest Family” to its present size and greatness. In a very short period of time, we have made a key contribution by turning a few hundred participants into several thousand and expanding what had been just a handful of events into around 700 event days per year. On ice and snow, on famous racetracks, on the most beautiful roads in the world – and far away from them, too – we helped shape and influence the AMG Driving Academy. As overall organizer and key communicator, as planner and doer – always with strong partners at our side.